Visiting St Petersburg in the Winter: What to Expect?

What to expect?

Considering a winter Russian course in St Petersburg? Winter in Russia... sounds scary, isn’t it? If it is true that temperatures can easily fall down to minus 40 degrees celsius in some places of Russia, fortunately it is not the case in St Petersburg – an ideal place to enjoy all the winter delights!

Winter average temperatures in Saint-Petersburg vary between 8 and 13 degrees below zero. Such a great possibility to wear your favorite cozy warm clothes: knitted sweaters and scarves – Ready? Then time to explore the winter St Petersburg!

St Petersburg in winter

New Year decorations start appearing in the streets already in November: glittering garlands along the city's avenues, Christmas trees on the squares, snowflakes falling slowly – the atmosphere becomes magic and fairy. You will find many New Year´s fairs in the city center that exhibit works of Russian folk art and contemporary handmade crafts. It is also possible to participate in various master classes. The most famous fair is arranged from December 14th to January 7th, and it is located at Ostrovskogo square, near the Alexandrinsky Theatre. It includes festive treats, rides and competitions, native Russian games, as well as performances by folk groups.

St Petersburg in winter

Not far you will find the Russian Museum – where you can learn a lot about the history of Russian fine arts and enjoy the masterpieces from different times. You won't have to wait to enter as during the summer season: art, silence, harmony...What could you ask for more?

If after this cultural and inspiring walk, you want to exercise your body, we have a lot of different options available. Here in Russia we love all kinds of winter sports: skiing, ice skating, hockey, snowboarding...and, of course, snowball throwing! Often on weekends we go out of the city to get some fresh air and enjoy the winter forest. Snow is everywhere, so much that if you turn off the road, it is possible to sink into the snow!

St Petersburg in winter

But if you are not fond of ski-walking in the forest, you can still go to an ice skating rink and practise your skating skills. You will find a good outdoor ice rink near the Young Spectator Theatre (or simply TYUZ in abbreviated form) at 1 Pionerskaya square.

When you start feeling a little cold, it is time to stroll along one of the city center's streets like Zhukovskogo st. or Nekrasova st. and find a cozy café with muted lights, warm plaids, hot coffee and mulled wine.

St Petersburg in winter

St. Peteburg provides a unique opportunity to see the real Russian winter, with no fear of severe frosts. You will discover the Russian culture, the popular New Year celebration, while enjoying a surprisingly rich architecture.

Join us to learn Russian in St Petersburg, enjoy winter activities and celebrate New Year and Christmas as Russian do!

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