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Our guest’s health and safety is of vital importance to us. We have attained the ‘Good to Go’ industry quality standard and have implemented the following steps to ensure your tour is as safe as possible:

Social Distancing

Guides will maintain social distancing from guests during the tour in accordance with government guidelines. We ask that you also maintain the appropriate social distance between your group and any other guests on the tour.

Capacity Limitations

Tours are operating with limited capacity (currently a maximum of 6 guests per tour).


Our guides wear face mask for the duration of the tour for their safety and yours. Guides will also carry hand sanitiser which will be available to guests at all times.

Staff Health

Our guides will be checked every day to ensure they are fit and well before guiding their tour.

Guest Guidelines

It would be hugely appreciated if guests would bring their own masks and wear them for the duration of the tour, for the comfort and safety of our guides and other guests.

Cancellations and Refunds

we have always offered a full refund for cancellations up to 24 hours in advance.

Excursions in St Petersburg with local guide

Guided tours of St. Petersburg that make your vacation an unforgettable experience. With our excursions and tours in St. Petersburg you can enjoy sights such as: Hermitage and Faberge Museum, Catherine Palace and Amber Room, Peterhof, Yusupov Palace and many other. Visit the most important places in St. Petersburg - historical, cultural, or natural of this beautiful city at any time of the year and weather. Let us guide you and you will discover the most amazing and fascinating places not only of the great cities of Russia like Moscow or St. Petersburg and the historic and beautiful Golden Ring, Lake Baikal, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Volgograd and many other. The guided tours in St Petersburg that we offer here, are interesting and complete, you can find a tour in English in Moscow or St. Petersburg to suit you.

Private and Group tours in St Petersburg

We create exciting and enriching private and group tours around St Petersburg and put you in the company of local expert tour guides. Focusing on your specific interests to carefully craft a sightseeing plan, we deliver a personalized experience like no other. The result is a travel experience that is more rewarding, more personal and frankly more fun! We organize private and group tours in St. Petersburg. To facilitate your choice and make your St. Petersburg trip a delightful experience without stress, we have conveniently organized everything. If you are travelling to St. Petersburg with a visa, then you will have a wide range of our private tours with convenient filters on price, locations and types.

Shore Excursions in Saint Petersburg - Tours for Cruise Passengers‎

BienvenidoSPB Tours is mainly focused on top-quality tours for cruise ship passengers in St. Petersburg and suburbs. Hermitage, Catherine’s palace with Amber room, Peterhof fountain park, Spilled blood cathedral and many more sights are the prominent landmarks, which one cannot miss while visiting the city! With BienvenidoSPB Tours you are free to choose either group or private shore tours & excursions in St Petersburg. Main difference is in program flexibility, tour intensity and companions. We are glad to provide the programs feeding your cultural hunger or prepare something special and spicy according to your personal taste.

Advantages to choosing BienvenidoSPB Tours

We are very proud of the fact that our tourists recommend us all over the world. However, we are not going to remain at the same level and the sky is the limit for us. We are improving our services day after day, taking into consideration each and every opinion of our clients.


Get inside museums, sold-out events and private showings with no crowds and no lines - and save time!

Arrival and departure transfers

If your St. Petersburg experience begins at the airport, bus, or railway station we can provide you with the transfers to your private apartment, hotel, business meeting, river/sea ports or any other place you may need to go.

Licensed tour guides

We are multi-skilled, disciplined, attentive to detail and trained to meet deadlines. All the tour guides are University graduates, fluent foreign language-speakers and last but not the least, we are passionate about what we do and not boring.

Absolutely No Risk

Reliable and trustworthy, we deliver exciting tour programs on your budget and always on time.

No Visas Needed

Arriving by cruise ship? Avoid the hassle of the Russian visa application and use our Tour Tickets instead.

Comfortable vehicles

We have our own fleet of luxurious and comfortable vehicles as well as partner agreements with transport companies which allow us to offer safe and reliable transport for all our tours and individual transfers.

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St Petersburg Tourist Guide

“Russia’s window to Europe”, the “Northern Venice”, the “Museum City” – regardless of the alias it goes by, St. Petersburg is a must-see. Built on mud and water in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, this magnificent city in northern Russia captivates, highlighted by its stately palaces, elegant bridges and majestic granite embankments flanking the river and canals crisscrossing the city. Its beauty and richness will leave you utterly spellbound.

When Peter the Great wanted to push Russia toward European standards, judging his country underdeveloped and its nobility and institutions out-dated, he decided to move the capital from Moscow and build a new one from scratch closer to northern Europe, which he admired. The location seemed to be poorly chosen – a marshy land in the Great North, plagued with malaria in summer and a harsh climate in winter where thousands of forced laborers would die building the city. However, it soon began to grow rapidly, becoming a magnet for architects and artists from all over Europe who built avenues, parks, churches, palaces, canals, bridges, schools, a University, and the Academy of the Arts, and embellished the city to a degree previously unimaginable. The luxury and technical sophistication used during the construction and the wealth of the tsar’s court can be seen in the numerous palaces and theatres, as well as the luxurious facades decorating the broad avenues, called “Perspectives” (Prospects) in the native Russian. The numerous canals, islands, and bridges that were built to drain the marshy soil and the impetuous Neva lent St. Petersburg its unique character. All of this led to the city being designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

St. Petersburg remained the Russian capital for more than two centuries, from 1712 to 1918. After the Russian revolution, the capital was moved back to Moscow, after which the city endured a period of decline. The communists even changed its name twice, first to Petrograd and then to Leningrad. After the fall of the Soviet Union, St. Petersburg recovered its name and, thanks to significant reconstruction and restoration, has been restored to its past glory and splendor.

Today St. Petersburg is a vibrant, dynamic city with five million inhabitants and is the fourth largest city in Europe. It is the most visited city in Russia and, in addition to its wonderful cultural heritage, offers visitors an impressive palette of recreational activities all year round.

BienvenidoSPB Tours is here to help you navigate every aspect of this fascinating city, with all the information and travel resources necessary to plan your trip to St. Petersburg.

Enjoy St. Petersburg tours

Guided tours of St. Petersburg that make your holiday an unforgettable experience. We tend to form small groups of tourists only and to run our private tours in the way that our clients can feel themselves as comfortable and relaxed as possible. With our excursions and tours in Saint Petersburg, you can enjoy the best time in the city and what to see in Saint Petersburg and what to visit in Saint Petersburg. Let us your guide to discover the most amazing and fascinating places not only in the major cities of Russia such as Moscow or St. Petersburg or the Golden Ring, but also on all largest cities of Russia.

St Petersburg Travel Guide and Travel Information

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