Choose your Destination in Russia

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From coastlines to big cities, the Russia is made up of so many diverse destinations that it's hard to decide which places deserve the distinction of the best in Russia. Majestic lakes, mountains, history and even ecotourism resorts, opt for Russia’s lesser-known cities and nature parks and there’s enough to keep you exploring for weeks.

The largest country in the world really has it all—mountains, valleys, frozen lands and warm sands, and an incredible number of amazing natural destinations to impress any visitor. Some of the oldest cities in Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, still retain their imperial splendor—obvious not only in their architecture but also in their majestic parks, shopping centers, and even metro stations.

Other cities and regions—including far-away destinations in Siberia and the Far East—offer a chance to explore things like the stunning beauty of the tundra and the Northern Lights, volcanoes, and more skiing than you could ever dream of. From striking gilded palaces to vast natural spaces, take a look at our list of the best places to visit in Russia.