From Konigsberg to Kaliningrad

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From Konigsberg to Kaliningrad

The city tour with few stops. We plan the tour according to your interests. It will be the journey to the city with two histories, two names and two faces. Konigsberg, soviet and modern Kaliningrad within 3 hours. What it feels like living in Russian anclave in the distance of 1300km from Moscow? Why do we still use two names for local towns and districts? How do we treat German history and legacy?

The city tour of Kaliningrad lasts 3 hours. You’ll be able to see Kant’s island, visit the cathedral of the 13 century, Konigsberg fortification system of the 19 century, German bunker museum of World War II period, Victory square, main orthodox cathedral, old port area, Lenin and Kalinin monuments, old German districts of Amalienau and Ratshoff, Kaliningrad railway station of 1920s, Kenigsberg forts. You will know a lot about soviet Konigsberg-Kaliningrad starting right from Spring 1945 and about the city of tomorrow.

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