Boat Trips and River Cruises of St Peterburg

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Boat Trips and River Cruises

A boat trip on St Petersburg’s canals and waterways is one of the highlights of any visit to the city. Join a river boat for a leisurely trip along the Neva, Fontaka and Moyka rivers, taking in the impressive landmarks.

A city built over 42 islands, St. Petersburg is surrounded by water and interlaced with a complex web of rivers, canals and channels that seem to bind the city together, while also marking the borders of its different districts and neighborhoods. St. Petersburg's low-rise classical architecture means that great vistas of the city are often visible from the water, and therefore an essential part of any exploration of the city is to get out in a boat and cruise the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.

We recommend taking this tour not instead but after the general city tour, for this will give you an opportunity to view the buildings you have seen before at a different angle. We can provide any kind of boat from little private boats for 4 to 10 passengers to boats that can accommodate up to 40-45 people. The big boats usually have both - a weatherproof cabin and an open deck.

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