St. Petersburg Metro Stations 1 Hour Tour

from €15 per person

Guided Tour in St Petersburg Metro

See one of the most beautiful metros in the world! On our tour of St Petersburg Metro Tour, you will see these masterpieces of underground architecture Uprising Square, Avtovo, Kirov Plant, Admiralty and other astonishing stations.

St Petersburg metro tour is a perfect choice for those who are tired of standard sights, don’t know where to go when the weather is bad or simply don’t know what to do in the evening. Discover our “underground palaces for common people” and marvel at the beauty of St Petersburg subway stations!

During St Petersburg metro tour you’ll see the oldest and most beautiful stations of the first line as well as more modern ones, including the deepest metro station in our city.

You will see that metro can be not only functional, but also very beautiful! Mosaics, different kinds of marble, stained glass and lots of imagination – that’s what the metro stations in St Petersburg are like. The first metro line in St Petersburg was built in 1955. Originally the first metro stations were also means of propaganda that glorified the achievements of soviet people. Then after the death of Stalin the stations became functional just like everywhere. But now they are reviving the idea of beautiful metro stations and you will see some modern examples as well and will be able to compare them with the old ones.

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